Sunshine soap

These days nothing gets thrown away before careful never know what can be used to make soap. I held onto a broken umbrella handle for a few months too, while my husband wondered if I lost my marbles. So we got two cans of Pringles (thankfully the small size) that travelled with us to Slovenia and came back with us empty. The chips flew lightly out of the can and settled heavily in the butt. I am at a loss to understand how a few grams of snack can turn into a few kilos the second they hit the mouth.

I am one of those green soap lovers and have been wanting to make one for sometime now. The contents of a bag of nettle tea leaf had been soaking in olive oil for more than two weeks now. Molds were ready. Something was missing...what could it be? Has to be something to make me break into a panic sweat in the last minute of soaping. Well this time it was the cardboard tube around which aluminium foil is rolled. Now that is exciting enough. The grand plan was to do a soap embed with fresh soap in a different color. See this was supposed to be a morning soap, with the sun rising from the center. I can be imaginative too people!!

The outcome wasn't too bad actually. The cardboard pulled up a little too much soap with it. I shouldn't have waited so long before taking it out from the mold. Wish the green was a little greener and the yellow (from turmeric)  a little yellower/orange. I couldn't give the sweats a miss was really hot here yesterday.

Hoping the sun doesn't set on me, by fading away

Scented with Mint, Tea tree and a tick of Lime essential oils. The mint masks the green smell really well. Thanks for the mint tip Amy W from Soapy Stories. About 11% Shea butter and 10% superfat. I drastically cut down the Coconut oil too this time.  A little bit of the end piece lathered very well. Not big bubbles, but nice small and creamy ones. :) 

Why do I even try to cut with a knife???
Had to make corrections later.
Little heart samples.
Funnily they turned green with turmeric??
This soap is fully natural, including the colors. I feel pretty good about it!! :)


Cocobong Soaps said...

Nitya, make a strong brew of nettle tea (gather fresh nettles, pour boiling water over them and let sit for a few hours) for greener results and use at least 25% olive oil. That aside, your Sunrise Soap looks lovely and the little nettle specs are a flock of morning birds greeting the day :)
And now tell us about the broken umbrella handle. What's the plan?

Nitya said...

@Cocobong: Next time I will pick a few nettle leaves (I see them along the path, but am not sure if it is nettle or some other weed) and make the tea. Have you tried spinach in soap Julia? I am a little curious coz I am not sure of finding fresh nettle in India.
This soap has about 20% olive oil, but it the second grade and is not so golden green. I had the extra virgin olive oil too, but forgot about it. :(
There is always the next time right?
I love the morning bird flock idea. Now see me tell my mom and cousin this soap story. Hehehe :D
The umbrella handle is still in the bag. I'm waiting for some terrific idea to make use of it. ;)

Amy W said...

They look great! And surprisingly we had similar ideas about embedding round soaps within each other. My experiment became a little more involved than expected, and actually has three parts: Part 1, Part 2, and Final Reveal.

Nitya said...

@Amy: Thank you so much Amy!! Have been following your experiment and I must say the final reveal is fantastic!! :)

Maku said...

Me gusta mucho este jabón, su aspecto y sus ingredientes también
Un saludo

Nitya said...

Gracias Maku!! You have a great blog and I just love the soaps you make!! They are all so beautiful!!
Warm greetings!

ANA said...

There are so beautiful!!
Greetings from Spain (Maku is a the best jajaja)

Nitya said...

@Ana: Thank you for stopping by and also for the lovely compliment!!
Warm greetings!!