Dared to go bare!!

Unscented soap with Frangipani flowers from my mom's garden.
Also known as Temple flowers they are my favourite flowers.
 I jut love their colors and scent. 
If not for my cousin who sneezes when she uses any kind of scented soap on her face, I don't really think I would have made an unscented soap. While moving back to India, almost 90 percent of the weight in my bags was due to soap or something soap related. But now I have a lot of happy guinea pigs (mom, grand-mom, aunts and cousins...maybe some friends too in a few days) trying out the soaps I made while in Austria. :)
Over the weekend my cousin came over to see how soap gets made and together we made the first batch of unscented soap and also the first batch of 'Indian' soap. Thankfully no soap volcanoes in spite of humidity and higher temperatures. I used coconut, olive, sesame and palmolein oils and kept the superfatting at 5%. Palmolein was something I had never worked with before and I was worried it would cause some problems. But Hallelujah to the world wide web and the teachsoap forum where some other soaper had the exact same doubt, whether palmolein and palm oil had the same SAP. She used the same SAP and so did I. It came to trace very quickly, but that wasn't much of a problem as I didn't have to add any essential oils or color or any herbs.

Though the soap is unscented it has it's very own scent, which my guinea pig cousin customer loved when the soap was being made. I hope this unscented scent doesn't give her the Achooooos!!

My mom generously offered to hold the soaps while I clicked.
The dark pink is another variant of Frangipani.
Again from my mom's garden

Just some plain soap

Soaping across continents

I am finally back home in India, after a lovely almost one year stay in Austria. We are currently on the lookout for a house that we can set up and call home. In the meantime I get to spend a nice 2 months with my parents before my husband finishes his project in Austria and is back in India.

With all the soaps I made while in Austria I tried to keep the ingredients list quite short coz I didn't know how easy or difficult it would be to soap without some of those exotic additives that one can get in Europe, but not in India. While waiting for some essential oils I ordered from a supplier in Bangalore to arrive I bought coconut oil from a girl who sells coconut and sesame oils going door to door (we have a lot of sellers coming home with their wares here). I want to try and keep all the ingredients as local as possible and also when possible to buy ingredients from people who work so hard walking so many miles in the heat everyday to earn their daily bread.  

The temperatures here are quite high and I will have my fingers crossed when I actually get to soaping to avoid a soap volcano. Till I get all my supplies I am enjoying life in the countryside, watching goats, buffaloes, sheep and pretty butterflies. :)

Clicked at butterfly park, Mainau Island

Clicked at butterfly park, Mainau Island