Soap withdrawal

I realize...I'm addicted to soap. Well which soaper isn't? After moving back to India (in September 2011) and having a sale and making a few batches of soap and dreaming of starting my own line of soaps, my husband broke the news to me!! We had to get back to Austria again for a few more months. Whaaat??

So here I am back in Austria. Packing up 13 kilos of soap in my bags was quite a task (had to throw away so many clothes of mine). Just couldn't leave behind any of my soaps, so I took the whole lot back to India. We will be here in Austria till the end of April and I don't want to throw away any more of my clothes, so I'm not going to soap for the next few months. It has been only 3 weeks since I got here and have serious soap withdrawal symptoms...LOL!! I don't want to give up on blogging and also want to keep this blog dedicated to something soap only. Let's hope I don't bore all you lovely people out there with my posts. :D

Here is the link to the article on my soaps published in the Yo!Vizag magazine in Dec 2011:

Article in Yo! Vizag

Have a pleasant day!! 

To the market

After many months of contemplating we (my candle-making cousin and I) took our wares to the market to see how our products would fare at the fair. It is one thing showing soaps to a very supportive family (who 'oh-ah' about the scent and look of every soap), but it is something else when it is unbiased strangers who have to part with their money. Luckily they did...and happily too. In about 2 hours my cousin sold quite a few of her candles and I sold a decent number of soaps. Some people also wanted to know if we would take up custom orders for corporate gifts as well. We passed around our business cards and hope they get back to us.

This sale was an amazing experience and also opened up my eyes to the no. of hours and days of work it takes just to get organized (although I normally am a pretty organized person) and remember to get everything in place in time. The feeling of receiving money from my first customer...I have no words to explain. It wasn't just the thrill of making money, but more that someone likes what I created.

Having a loving aunt and niece who turned up unexpectedly, just to be there for us, to help in any possible way...I was so touched, I could have cried. The niece who came to sale in the evening was the same one who sat up with us till 4:30 in the morning  to help us wrap and pack our soaps and candles. Aren't they the sweetest? My niece was born when I was 10 years old and I love her to bits. Her mom and I share a very special bond and we used to speak into the wee hours of the night before I got married and moved out of my hometown. I love my family!! <3

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of our stall at the Christmas market, but I promise to put it up once I get it from my uncle's camera (uploaded).
Have a great new year everyone!!

All set and waiting. My cousin on the right and me on the left

Had a bit of a problem with the light in our stall for a while