Going green again

Here's yet another soap colored with wheatgrass as I couldn't get enough of it in the castile soap, which by the way has still not set. Wheatgrass imparts a very elegant green to soap and me loves a green soap. So here I combined tea tree and mint essential oils to help a pimply teenager (my cousin). She wanted to see how soap is made and we had a blast that evening with a lot of weighing, stirring and giggling. The partly liquid coconut oil refused to come out of the bottle with a micro mini opening and we both had to squeeze it out with all our might. And when the stubborn thing actually came out, it was all over my clothes.
Here's a tip I found on the internet: rub shampoo into the oil stain without wetting the cloth and then put it in the washing machine with other laundry. Worked like magic. :)

Brown and green layers 
The brown swirls on top didn't work out like how
I wanted and since it was a very small batch,
a lot of air bubbles got whipped in

Coffee beans on top was my cousin's idea

Have a great bubbly week!!

Experimenting continues

The experimenting continues with so many things all around, just waiting to get into that soap pot. This time around it is for that light pink color.

Take 1:

How's that for a light pink?? Yuck!

Take 2:
A little too light, but I can live with this :)

I used Kumkum to color these. 
Kumkum is the red powder applied to the forehead by women in India, made by mixing turmeric or saffron with slaked lime.

I have been having serious shelf-life issues here. So this is also an experiment with wheatgerm oil. The first batch was made without and the second one with wheatgerm oil. I also ditched the olive oil for sunflower oil. Kept reading that olive oil could be the culprit, although I don't think substituting with sunflower oil was too wise, considering it's already short shelf-life. Will wait and watch. 

Happy soaping there!!