Experimenting continues

The experimenting continues with so many things all around, just waiting to get into that soap pot. This time around it is for that light pink color.

Take 1:

How's that for a light pink?? Yuck!

Take 2:
A little too light, but I can live with this :)

I used Kumkum to color these. 
Kumkum is the red powder applied to the forehead by women in India, made by mixing turmeric or saffron with slaked lime.

I have been having serious shelf-life issues here. So this is also an experiment with wheatgerm oil. The first batch was made without and the second one with wheatgerm oil. I also ditched the olive oil for sunflower oil. Kept reading that olive oil could be the culprit, although I don't think substituting with sunflower oil was too wise, considering it's already short shelf-life. Will wait and watch. 

Happy soaping there!!


Jennifer Young said...

Hi!! Just a note on shelf-life... I have only ever had 1 soap with a shelf-life problem - my lavender soap. The only reason I can think? No olive oil and a high superfat. I have never had another soap go "off", even after years. So, maybe lower the SF? And I wouldn't remove the olive oil. Your colours look gorgeous here!!! xo Jen

Alegría Mediterránea said...

I love that pink, is so sweet!
Lovely soaps,dear Nitya.
Someone once said:´´ To experiment is the best science´´.
Much Love,

Ambra said...

Love the pink. Very interesting to know how that about Kumkum :)

Oil Expeller said...

Wao ! this is really one of the nice and fantastic blog. I always crazy to read such blogs. Good ! keep it up.


Nitya said...

@Jennifer: Thank you for the pointers! I cut down the SF drastically. I am down to a 2-3%. I used to use Olive, Coconut, Palm and Sesame oils in all the soaps. I dropped the Sesame and the Olive oil to test. It is funny that you had DOS when you dropped the Olive oil. I'll wait a little and see and also change the source of olive oil. I used to buy it at the supermarket, maybe I should order it from my essential oils supplier.

@Claudia: Thank you so much!! I love the quote!! :)

@Ambra: Thank you! Curiosity is a lovely thing right? Next I want to get a red colored soap. You never know what is lying there in the corner waiting to be discovered and added to soap. hehehe

@Oil Expeller: Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comment!

Silvia en el bosque said...

Hi, i like experiments! your colour are wonderful, tell us about your sunflower soap, how long is it.. Thanks, kisses, i wish you health from the forest. Silvia.

Nitya said...

Thank you Silvia!! Well the sunflower soap is pretty mild and bubbles quite well. They are still on the curing rack and should be ready in about 4 weeks. I couldn't wait so long, so washed my hands with the end pieces. :) Will keep you posted on how long they last.
Have a lovely day!!

Natalia said...

Lovely post, Nitya, thaks for sharing, I am learning a lot from it!
I really like that pink, I will have to look for kumkum powder:). Pity it doesn't last(I have the same problem with spirulina soaps, but I use to cover them in a box and the colour lasts more).
Wish you a nice we!

Nitya said...

Thank you for you nice comment Natalia!! If you have an Indian store try looking for Kumkum powder there. They usually should have some.
Have a great weekend!!

SoapCottage.blogspot.com said...

hey, i like this colours. The pink is so pretty-beautiful:)

Have a nice day....


Nitya said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment, Dany!! I just read you blog and you make beautiful soaps!! :)
Warm greetings!

Michelle Somers said...

I love that pink, it's so pretty.

Nitya said...

Thank you Michelle! :)