Three soaps with one stone...err mould!!

People have already hit two birds with one stone, so that would be boring to try again. Plus why would I want to hit a bird??

All the pent up soaping energy had to put somewhere, so many ideas swirling in my head and many more scribbled into many books. If I had to try one new idea at a time, I would be dead long before all the ideas get exhausted (exaggerating here). And what happens to all the new ones that keep popping up all the time?? So I decided to put three new ideas into one cauldron.

- Wheatgrass powder to get that green
- Room temperature method
- In the pot swirl

The stone was thrown right back at me. Ouch!! I could hardly seen any swirls, so decided to mix the whole thing up to get a homogeneous extremely light, barely there green (almost cream) color. A castile soap that refused to harden after more than 24 hours. No gel due to the room temperature method. Did I forget anything else...ah yes, some oils were slowly seeping out. I wanted to wait it out and see what happens. Patience is a virtue, which is definitely not mine. So.....

I threw the whole thing into a big pot and set it on fire. Not really! I hot processed it and added some more wheatgrass with a little water for a darker green. The beautiful scent of Mint and Tea tree was replaced with a grass smell. Yuck!! But luckily it sobered down and the nice scent surfaced out again. The soap is still resting in the moulds. I might have to leave it there for a couple of days.

Let me share some before and after pics:

Not much of a color contrast there,
so I stirred the whole thing up. It turned
a lighter green the next morning.

Post HP with added wheatgrass. Still very gooey to
Patience is definitely not my virtue but 'repentance in hindsight' for sure is!! All the joys of soap making!!
Will share pictures of cut soap as soon as it sets up...maybe in a year or two. LOL!!


Cynthia-Rose Julian said...

That's a great green - I love it. Room temp castille that I made sat in the mold for 3 days before I could remove it, and to be honest I should of had waited maybe a day longer, but yeah - my impatience is something I really would love to kill with a stone!

Nitya said...

Thank you Cynthia!! If only I had known,room temperature castile takes so long to set...all a part of experimenting right!! hahaha

Have a great day!!

Natalia said...

Can't wait to see your soap, Nitya! I love the green, so it will be a lovely soap for sure! I have already heard of wheatgrass powder , but I haven't tried it yet!
So curious to see your soap cut !
Wish you a lovely weekend!

Nitya said...

Thank you Natalia! I am still waiting for the soap to set. :(
I might just end up throwing this one out and making another batch as I am running out of patience.

Have a great week!! :)

Alegría Mediterránea said...

Hi Nithya,how are you?
Could you give me an e-mail adress for a private mail?
Thank you so much,

Ambra said...

The elusive green. I wish I could find a way to make it stay :) I'm pretty sure this is going to be a fantastic soap in the end. It's just going to take it's time to get there.

Nitya said...

Thank you Ambra! I think I must just let this soap be....coz it still hasn't set. But then, it wasn't all lost as I now have an natural green dye. :) I will be making another green soap soon.