To the market

After many months of contemplating we (my candle-making cousin and I) took our wares to the market to see how our products would fare at the fair. It is one thing showing soaps to a very supportive family (who 'oh-ah' about the scent and look of every soap), but it is something else when it is unbiased strangers who have to part with their money. Luckily they did...and happily too. In about 2 hours my cousin sold quite a few of her candles and I sold a decent number of soaps. Some people also wanted to know if we would take up custom orders for corporate gifts as well. We passed around our business cards and hope they get back to us.

This sale was an amazing experience and also opened up my eyes to the no. of hours and days of work it takes just to get organized (although I normally am a pretty organized person) and remember to get everything in place in time. The feeling of receiving money from my first customer...I have no words to explain. It wasn't just the thrill of making money, but more that someone likes what I created.

Having a loving aunt and niece who turned up unexpectedly, just to be there for us, to help in any possible way...I was so touched, I could have cried. The niece who came to sale in the evening was the same one who sat up with us till 4:30 in the morning  to help us wrap and pack our soaps and candles. Aren't they the sweetest? My niece was born when I was 10 years old and I love her to bits. Her mom and I share a very special bond and we used to speak into the wee hours of the night before I got married and moved out of my hometown. I love my family!! <3

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of our stall at the Christmas market, but I promise to put it up once I get it from my uncle's camera (uploaded).
Have a great new year everyone!!

All set and waiting. My cousin on the right and me on the left

Had a bit of a problem with the light in our stall for a while


Jennifer Young said...

Lovely post! So happy for you that your creations are selling!! I get the same kick out of selling what I have created and love feedback. I wish you a wonderful 2012! xo Jen

miscellanea said...

Congratulations for Your success. I hope many of Your business cards will return with fat custom orders following them. I wish You a great year 2012.

Alegría Mediterráneo said...

I'm glad for your steps ahead!
It is important that you follow your dream!
Keep up the good work and happy selling!
Happy New Year ,Nitya!

Nitya said...

Thank you so much dear Jennifer!! I wish you a wonderful year ahead!!

Thank you Petra!! I have my fingers crossed...hope people are liking the soaps. Happy New Year!!

Oh Claudia...I truly believe everyone must follow their dreams. :) Thank you so much and I wish you a great 2012!!

Cynthia-Rose Julian said...

Wishing you a 2012 that brings you much success with your soap.

Nitya said...

Thank you Cynthia!! Have a wonderful 2012!! :)

Stc and Company said...

I could not stop smiling when I read this. I can relate to this as I did my first public showing a month ago. The honesty of strangers are a welcomed blessing as they give you great hints as to what works or not.
Nitya, I cannot wait to see more of what you have to offer. Keep us all posted please.
xoxo Sada

Nitya said...

Sada, thank you so much!! I somehow missed your post on the upmarket sale. You must have posted around the time I was running around like a mad dog (a very happy one) getting things in place for our first sale. :)
The elation and sense of accomplishment at the end are hard to explain right? Have a wonderful year ahead and all the best to Stc and Company!!