I'm alive!!

After the disappearing act from the blog world I am back again!! Life was hectic but also a lot of fun the past couple of weeks...so hectic I couldn't even share pictures of the last soap I made. And when I want to share, I realize I have just one not so great picture. Will talk more about the soap in a bit, but let me first tell you about the fun I had with my family. We (hubby, his parents and I) went on a road trip to a lovely private beach, an old temple constructed by my husband's great grandpa, a man-made dam and a boat ride in the reservoir to reach a partly submerged hill that now has a museum with pre-historic artifacts and also relics from a Buddhist stupa and monastery that once adorned the hill. While driving, we passed through some of the most lush green paddy fields. It was the most beautiful green carpet with coconut trees, small ponds, gurgling streams and happy birds as far as the eye could see. Paradise for me!! We have my dear father-in-law to thank who drove all the way and for this wonderful trip I will forever cherish. 

Another thing that happened while I was at my parents...I was interviewed by a magazine called Yo Vizag (Vizag is the city where I was born and grew up) and they wrote an article on handmade soaps, which will feature in this month's or the next month's publication. I was pretty nervous as that was the first time I was showing my soaps to anyone other than family or friends. And while the two young and very talented guys from Yo Vizag admired the soaps, scents and packaging, I relaxed a little and got through the interview in one piece (though I can ramble on for pages while writing, sitting face to face with someone has my tongue in knots). I read the final edit and now have to wait for the article to be published.  

Moving on to even more soapy stuff, here is the last batch of soap I made. Scented with Lavender and Orange essential oils and swirled with turmeric. Base oils: Coconut, Palm, Olive and Sesame. The color from the turmeric is quite different from what I expected but I decided to name it Orange twist anyway. 

Will post about the new packing later. 
Have a great week people!!


Jennifer Young said...

What a nice story, nice family trips, and a beautiful soap! Congratulations on the magazine interview!! xo Jen

Nitya said...

Thank you Jennifer!! I so wanted to participate in your guessing game, but couldn't as I was and will be travelling quite a bit. Pomegranate juice huh?? I would have never guessed that!! Thought it would have been apple or coconut milk. :D

Bobbins and Balms said...

congratulation on the interview, cant wait to read it, will you paste a link when its available?

Your family trip also sounds great, which part/state of india is it?

Nitya said...

@Bobbins and Balms: Thank you so much! Will surely share the link when I get it from the magazine. :)

We travelled around in Andhra Pradesh which is in the southern part of India. Have you been to India before?

Ambra said...

Congratulations, Nitya. that is so wonderful that you have an interview about your soaps. And it's nice to take a trip to see something beautiful especially with the older generation. It is memories that last.

Nitya said...

Thank you Ambra!! The drive was a true feast for the senses. The smell of pure unpolluted air combined with the fresh green sight for the eyes...absolute heaven!!

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

Sounds like you had a nice trip and the new soap looks lovely.


Nitya said...

Thank you so much Michelle!!
Warm greetings!

mijnzeep1 said...

I have found your blog today( via Jenora Soap) and I like it a lot. Congratulations for the interesting posts and nice soaps. I have been also making soap for 2 months and 2weeks now:).
I see you are in Germany( I am in Belgium, we are not so far).
I wish you a lot of goodluck and a lot of customers.
Natalia( i am not able to sign with my id,noidea why)

Nitya said...

Hello there Natalia! Thank you for stopping by. My blogger is having a lot of issues for sometime now. Even I have a problem leaving comments on other blogs and I hope it sets itself right. :)

My husband and I lived in Germany for about 2 years and then moved to Austria last year. I will be here till the end of April before moving permanently to India...I was born and brought up there and long to be back home, though I love travelling around in Europe. It is such a beautiful place with so many lovely people.

Happy soaping and have a great week ahead!

Warm greetings!

sanjana said...

Amazing Soaps NITYA!!! Im so proud of u! You sure have an awesome way of showing ur talents and proving ur metal. Love you loads and Hats off to all u ve done and good luck for the coming years :D :)

Nitya said...

Thank you Sanjana!! :)