Soaping across continents

I am finally back home in India, after a lovely almost one year stay in Austria. We are currently on the lookout for a house that we can set up and call home. In the meantime I get to spend a nice 2 months with my parents before my husband finishes his project in Austria and is back in India.

With all the soaps I made while in Austria I tried to keep the ingredients list quite short coz I didn't know how easy or difficult it would be to soap without some of those exotic additives that one can get in Europe, but not in India. While waiting for some essential oils I ordered from a supplier in Bangalore to arrive I bought coconut oil from a girl who sells coconut and sesame oils going door to door (we have a lot of sellers coming home with their wares here). I want to try and keep all the ingredients as local as possible and also when possible to buy ingredients from people who work so hard walking so many miles in the heat everyday to earn their daily bread.  

The temperatures here are quite high and I will have my fingers crossed when I actually get to soaping to avoid a soap volcano. Till I get all my supplies I am enjoying life in the countryside, watching goats, buffaloes, sheep and pretty butterflies. :)

Clicked at butterfly park, Mainau Island

Clicked at butterfly park, Mainau Island


Jennifer Young said...

Nitya, So pleased to hear you are back in India and so happy. i love that you will be using local ingredients and can't wait to see some of your new soap creations! xo Jen

Alegría Mediterráneo Soap said...

Hi Nitya!
I´m glad you are so happy and finaly you back in India.
In which part of India you live?
This beautiful part of the world, India, is in our travel plans and I hope someday be fulfilled.
I want to tell us more about how to make soap out there or other features of the area.
India is so big and various with many,many things here in Europe are not.
I gladly embrace you and good luck with your soap,with your future bussines.

Nitya said...

@Jennifer: Thank you Jen!! I made my first batch of 'Indian' soap yesterday. Will post pics soon after I cut it. Hope your leg is totally healed by now. Much love to you!

@Claudia: Thank you for all the lovely wishes Claudia!! I live in the southern part of India and the name of the state where I was born is Andhra Pradesh. In a few months time my husband and I will settle down in another south-Indian state called Karnataka. When you travel to India do let me know if you need any help or information. I will keep sharing about my soaping adventures here. Warm greetings to you Claudia!!

Ambra said...

I am envious of you. I imagine there are all sorts of wonderful ingredients available in India. And it's warm! I look so much forward to reading about your soaps with exotic local ingredients :)

Nitya said...

@Ambra: I will share all about my soaping adventures here. My first batch of essential oils arrived today and I am in the process of getting some farmers to share some goat, sheep or buffalo milk. Waiting to make some 'milk and roses' soap. :)