Goat milk is not easily available though we have a lot of goats around here, where my parents live. I was asking the local people if anyone would be willing to sell some goat milk and my requests were met with utmost curiosity and uncontrollable giggles. Finally one generous local goatherd agreed to sell me some goat milk. What more, we even convinced him to bring his goat over and milk it at my parents home. :D

Here's the goatherd and his pretty goat:

Isn't she a pretty goat!! Also a little scared...poor thing!! 

The goat and goatherd at work, with a lil'
help from our cleaning lady. Three excited
spectators......grandma, mom and meeeeee

I froze the 200ml of milk that came and finally got to make some soap with it.

Showing the top face
Made on 09.10.2011
About turn!!
This soap was made with palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, goat milk (2/3's goat milk and 1/3 distilled water) and superfatted with cocoa butter. The swirls were made with cocoa powder and scented with vanilla oil. I had to keep and eye on my mom to keep her from eating it!! She thought it looked and smelled like marbled cake. :)

Cut into an easy to handle size with a happy dad 
Since the vanilla oil was a real dark brown, I added it only to the soap base with cocoa powder. Luckily every bar of soap has enough cocoa swirls and the scent is coming through nicely. 

Easy and simple cocoa swirls
The soap didn't go through gel, and I am happy about that. Just hope the soaps don't darken over time though, coz I really like this cream and cocoa contrast.

Happy soaping everyone!! 


Angela said...

Great soap und nice pictures!! You better give a piece of soap to the goatherd so he can see what wonderful things can come out of goatsmilk.

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

The soap looks lovely and it will be lovely with fresh goat's milk.


Amy W said...

Not many soapmakers can say that they got their FRESH goat's milk from a goat that was brought to their house! The soap looks amazing and I'm sure smells fantastic (otherwise you wouldn't be protecting it from your parents!)

Nitya said...

Thank you Angela! A piece of soap for the goatherd sounds like a great idea! Next time I won't have to coax him so much for the milk. :D

Thank you Michelle! I tried a small sliver of soap after cutting it and the lather is quite creamy. The plan is to let it cure for 6 weeks before I can try it out in the shower.

Thanks Amy! Soapmaking here in India and in the countryside has been quite exciting and a lot of fun. The soaps are curing in my room and it's hard not to get the cake cravings. :D

Cocobong Soaps said...

Soap looks and sounds wonderful, Nitya! I'm so happy your able to continue your soap making back at home. I'm wondering how the climate affects the things seem to speed up more? How about the humidity issue, does it somehow affect the curing process? I would love to try one of these vanilla-licious soaps :)

Nitya said...

Oh Julia, it is so great to hear from you! Soaping here at home has been quite fun(though I made only two batches so far). The humidity had me worried quite a bit, but I haven't seen any soap sweats still. For the first batch of soap I used a hand blender and it traced in less than a minute. Luckily it was an unscented and plain soap, so the speedy trace wasn't much of an issue. The second batch I stirred manually and it came to trace quicker than if I did the same in cooler climates. I am having a great time here making soap in the countryside(at my mom's). :)
And you wanting to try my soap has me grinning ear to ear. :D