Thank you Satti!

Hello there and welcome!! Thank you for stopping by and I wish you keep coming back regularly for more updates from this soap nut. I am from India but live in Germany with my husband. As a kid my mom used to wash my hair with soap nuts and now I have turned into a 'Soap Nut', therefore the blog title.

I never knew soap could be made by hand, until I saw a movie titled 'Suraj ka Satvan Ghoda' (translates to 'The seventh horse of the Sun') directed by Shyam Benegal. One of the characters in the movie is a gypsy girl named 'Satti' who makes soap in the village.

*Bulb lights up*

Early next morning I start to search the net as to how soap is made. I was amazed, fascinated and hooked!! For days and weeks after that I kept reading and reading and realized this was it!!! This is why I was make soap!! Enlightened!!!

I searched for institutes or individuals who gave courses in Germany but couldn't find one. Then as luck would have it, my husband's work took us to Austria where I found a wonderful teacher who so lovingly shared her knowledge and helped me learn how to make soap.

I have made a few batches since my first attempt with Ms. Getraud Schweyer, and dream of the day (maybe some years later) when I can have my own store *fingers crossed*.

I don't think I would have ever known about handmade soap, if not for the one character who opened up this beautiful soap world to me....



Cocobong Soaps said...

Hello Satti and a very warm welcome from another soap nut :) I look forward to seeing your soaps on this blog and reading about your soaping adventure. It's such a gratifying hobby that can turn into quite a growing business, if you so want. For now, enjoy and share and read your way into the global soaping community!

Jennifer Young said...

Hello! Welcome to the soaping world! Look foward to seeing pictures of your soaps and hearing about your experiments with soaping! xo Jen

Ambra said...

HI and welcome to the fascinating world of soap. I look forward to following your adventures. It's so much fun to make soap :)

Nitya said...

Thank you for visiting my blog guys. I know you are all busy and I really appreciate you for taking the time to leave such nice messages of encouragement. :)

Cocobong Soaps said...

Goog grief, sorry about the name snafu! Must pay better attention..

Nitya said...

No problemo Cocobong(Julia), I took it as a compliment. :)

murali said...

Hi Nitya or should I call u soapnut?
I really enjoyed reading about your wonderful experiences in soap making.
Your soaps are so much like the Indian mithai!
Good show my girl!