Workshop creations

Made on: 22.01.2011
22nd January 2011. I might forget the date but not the day as I actually made soap for the very first time on this day. A few weeks before this day I had found a lady who was willing to do a workshop on a Saturday and teach me how to make soap. Things I had to take along...

* Blanket: I took a brand new white one :)

* Mold: Pringles can lined with a freezer bag(it didn't get used though)

* A favorite scent: I took an essential oil mix 'Gute Laune'(Good mood) that smelled citrusy

* Joy of experimenting: °*°*°Turmeric powder °*°*°

From 9 in the morning till 12 noon we made soap. My heart was pounding with excitement the whole time and I think I had a vague grin too, to match my widened eyes...LOL. I got to weigh the oils, pour the lye solution into the oils and stir. After so many months of reading and dreaming about making soap, I was finally doing it. We made three different soaps that day.

Blue Vanilla swirl (Brambleberry fragrance)

Gute Laune soap colored with turmeric

At the bottom is a lavender and lemon grass soap with dried lavender buds (sadly the buds turned brown)

The poor soaps didn't get a chance to go through the gel stage, partly because they were out in terribly freezing temperatures till I could get them home, and mostly because of curious George who kept peeking every few minutes to see what was happening. They are not very pretty(hard to release from the molds and also curious George didn't think of the final outcome before getting the knife out) but are creamy and feel nice on the skin.

What a day it was!!


Mummy blue said...

wonderful soaps,a lot of kisses

Nitya said...

Gracias Mummy blue!! xoxo