Lavender - Take 1

With a 5% superfat drying out my skin, I got brave enough and tried a 10%. The recipe is a basic one, from Naturseife by Claudia Kasper. Easy calculations:

25% Coconut oil
25% Palm oil
25% Olive oil
25% Canola oil

Scented with just Lavender essential oil and colored with a tiny bit of food color (violet). Outcome was...well...see for yourself:

What is that uneven texture all about??
After pouring the soap into the molds, I wrapped it up and put it in the oven at around 50 C - 60 C for about an hour and then turned the oven off and let the soap rest for about 12 hours. Could it be due to the CPOP? It was just the top layer. Just below this surface is perfectly good soap.

Lavender cocktail anyone?

I cut the whole soap into tiny cubes. Even the small sample sized heart soaps had the same rough exterior.

Rolled up some scraps with lavender buds

Those tiny lavender cubes will be recycled into a new soap. The bubbles with this oil combo are great though. Stay tuned for Lavender-Take 2!


Celine Blacow said...

I am sure I saw a dicussion on this situation on a soaping blog (Soap Dish) and I *think* it was suggested that it was the CPOP but why I'm not sure (I don't CPOP so I wasn't taking too much note).

If you find the soap drying, trying dropping the coconut oil down to 20% and subbing in something else .. I find my soaps are nicer on the skin with that reduction (and upping the SF too). Best of luck with Take 2!

Shieh Design Studio said...

I think it's caused by oven temperature being too high. Usually I have no problem with CPOP if I heat up the oven to 170F turn it off then put my soap loaf in it. But I get the same texture you got if I do smaller molds and continuously "cook" them for an hour. What happens is that the soap mixture started being literally cooked, it started "boiling" bubbling. Then you let it cool down and the cavities which created by the bubbling crashed down, that's why you see the rough texture as I call it "wrinkles".

Shieh Design Studio said...

By the way, I forgot to mention, I love the pink, even tough it's not what you anticipated for lavender! Can't wait to see take 2!

Alegría Mediterráneo Soap said...

Hi there !
Don´t worry to much, that´s happens anyway and with anyone,k!?
Do you have a reason for joy,because you was nominated for ´´Versatile Blogger Award´´!

Nitya said...

@Celine: Thank you so much for the tips! It seems like the texture is due to the CPOP. Tried it for the first time to get the color to 'pop' with the small molds. Will try keeping the coconut oil to 20% next time.

@Shieh: So it was in fact the high oven temperature :( I did the CPOP only because of the small individual molds I used (wanted the color to come out...ya it was different from what I wanted, but I still found the color okay :))

@Claudia: You made my day!! Thank you so much for the award...I feel like a superstar!! B)
A failed batch is also a part of the joy of soaping right :)