Is anyone else having problems with blogger?? I am just not able to leave comments on many lovely blogs. The drop down list which enables you to select the profile.....well, there is no drop down list for me. If I try Internet Explorer, no matter how many times I sign in, it doesn't log me in. This happened before too, but it automatically corrected itself out...but not this time. :(  I use Chrome by the way. Does anyone know what to do?

On a more soapy note, some of the 'Everfresh' soaps I had poured into individual molds. The colors didn't turn out like I hoped and the soaps were still a little soft when I took them out of the molds (Yes!! Impatience can be my other name). So I cut those up and tried to re-batch. I called them 'Fuglies' for a few days before grating them up. 

Now I call them Soapnuts!! 


flor da pele said...

Seus "soapnuts" estão lindos!
Sobre os problemas com o blog, tente usar o Mozilla Firefox.
Kisses from Brazil,

Nitya said...

Thank you Sonia! I am downloading Firefox right now. Hope it works!! :)

Anonymous said...

*hhh* thats a great idea your soapnuts. :) I have morzilla explorer, and I think this is better than IE. Look at IE in the right corner, there are "extra" there are add ones. Maybe you must take some settings. :)
Greatings from Germany

Nitya said...

Thank you Kerstin!! I tried Mozilla yesterday...same problem. Some new changes in Blogger security which is causing this problem...according to the information I found online. I just hope it sorts itself out.

I tried to leave a comment on your blog but couldn't. :(
Die Papasseife schaut ganz toll aus! Die Farbe gefällt mir besonders. =)

Liebe Grüße

Ambra said...

HI, Nitya. I have had the same problem and found that if I simply close the error window (that says something about: you are not signed in...) and click the make a comment button again - it works. So you just have to click twice. Try it :)

Nitya said...

Thanks Amber!! Finally I could leave a comment on your blog....having been trying to do it for so long. Love the rhubarb dye results. :)