Wrapped in paper

For a long time the soaps I made were only mine so I didn't bother too much about how to wrap them. After the soaps cured they were cling wrapped and stored away until it was time to cover myself up in bubbles.  Here is how I used to wrap my soaps.

Fast forward to December 2011. It was almost time for the first sale and I was reluctant to use cling wrap on all the soaps. First coz it was plastic and second it doesn't wrap the square shaped soaps so well. The fit is pretty perfect for a round soap where the label can be placed inside directly on the soap and then cling wrapped and knotted at the back but not so easy when it is a square or rectangle. I leaned very much towards something made of cloth, but then the bags were pretty expensive to buy or even get stitched. Handmade paper is also expensive, plus hard to wrap the soap in. Did I mention I don't have very artistic hands. Add to that my paper thin patience levels!

Then one day I went to a stationery store and there they had lovely tracing paper. Bingo!!
Thick enough to be used as a wrap, but easy enough to wrap the soap in. Plus it was an A4 size that could be printed on. I got the whole bundle and after many trials came up with this:

A strip of A4 sheet and the label

The soap tops are exposed for anyone to see the pattern if there is one and also to smell the soap.  A small pattern is punched into the wrapper.

The little pattern on the wrapper

The labels are also printed on the same paper and are slipped in from the top.Since it is tracing paper, the text on the labels is visible.

That chubby hand is mine :D

Only problem is that the print somehow seems to be slipping off this paper and onto the fingers when touched. Must think of some way to stop that. Printing on plain white paper works well but the tracing paper looks prettier.

For now I am happy with this wrapper. Need to do something about the label though. You might have noticed the name 'Amoda' is used.  Will tell you why and how we settled on the name in my next post.

Happy soaping!!


Topcat said...

That looks beautiful! Why not print your labels on plain white paper and keep the tracing paper for the wrap? It will still look the same once wrapped. Otherwise if you don't have a laser printer... it may be time to invest in one :)

Nitya said...

Thank you Titania! I tried printing on white paper too and the whole look is fine, but the tracing paper labels look more elegant. These labels I got printed at a printing store and I really don't know what printers they used. Must experiment some more and if it doesn't work, then I will have to use plain white paper. Thank you for the suggestion! :)

Cynthia-Rose Julian said...

Hope you get the tracing paper labels sorted as they really look lovely.

Nitya said...

Thank you Cynthia! Hope to figure it out soon...
Warm greetings!!

Stc and Company said...

you are so creative. I love the punch pattern that you did to reveal the scent of the soaps. Great job.

Nitya said...

Thank you Sada! The punch pattern is just for decoration. The top of the soaps are exposed for scent. :)