It's a wrap!!

I am not making so much soap these days, as I have a lot from the previous batches (like that ever stopped me before). Actually, the husband and me are in the middle of being whacked around like a badminton cork between Austria and Germany. The last time we left Austria my soap supplies (NaOH mainly, oils and distilled water) had to be left behind. *sob*

But not wanting to wallow in self-pity, I ordered the bite-y base again. Now that it is here, guess what???? We will be moving to Austria again!!! My dear friend Mr. Bite-y can't fly along with us, so I might have to ship it. Thankfully I won't have to pour anymore distilled water down the drain here, coz I didn't buy any. So for the time being 'It's a wrap' as far as soaping is concerned. BUT WAIT!!!! That is not the reason for the post title. This is:

Little Vanilla soaps . I didn't like how they looked
after cutting, so I re-cut them to a sample size

Lavender soap

Goat milk soap

Stamped and packed cocoa-goat milk soap

So this is what I am doing till I can make soap again. Ladies and gentlemen.....
It's a wrap.....cling wrap!!! ;)


Sonja said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving such a sweet message!!

Cocobong Soaps said...

I think your warps look adorable, luv the little squiggle knot!

Anonymous said...


Nitya said...

@Sonja: I thank you too for visiting!
@Cocobong: Thank you! Those little knots happened by chance. They looked cute so decided to keep them that way.
@Monika: Gracias! You have a nice blog and I am following it from Germany/Austria. :)