Pass me the butter, please!!

I finally moved to Austria on Saturday and am waiting to make some soap. Still have to get settled in (it's a pain looking for clothes and other things in suitcases) and get all the oils I want, so my soap experiment has to be put off for another few days. I have an idea as to how I want this soap to look and have also decided on the essential oils that I will be using. Hope it turns out well!!

Here is a body butter I made some weeks back:

Body butter scented with orange and lemon grass EO's

The Graz climate is drying my skin out (it's literally cracking up and flaking too) :( This butter (though a little greasy) is what I am using many times during the day, especially on the hands. I used about 70% Shea butter and 30% hazelnut oil. Scented with orange and lemon grass essential oils for a fresh summer feel. It smells and feels nice, but I find it a bit greasy (which is fine here in Graz). I read somewhere that cornstarch is used to decrease that greasy feeling. Maybe I should try that next time.


Ambra said...

I love making my own body lotion, but they tend to be on the oily side. I've heard this about cornstarch and seen it in ingredients labels, so it's probably a good idea to try it :) Post results when you do.

Nitya said...

Thanks for stopping by Ambra!! Will surely post results when I try the cornstarch. I like the buttery(oily)'s perfect for the Graz climate. :)

Celine Blacow said...

You could try and drop the shea percentage and add in a little mango butter (which has a drier feeling) and an drier oil such as fractionated coconut oil - if you wanted to try a silicone, that can help cut the greasies; maybe about 2% cyclomethicone could really help.

Also, I LOVE to lie for about 5 minutes, on the bed and meditate ... this allows the butter to be absorbed into your skin before dressing.

I've heard of the cornstarch idea but, to me, it just sounds like it'd end up as a white mess! I could be wrong!

Nitya said...

Thanks so much for the tips Celine! I will definitely try and incorporate the mango butter and coconut oil next time. A nice 5 minute meditative nap sounds so relaxing!! :)

I also imagine a white pasty coating on the skin when I think cornstarch...I really don't know if I am being extremely imaginative here, I also wonder what happens to cornstarch once the butter is absorbed...does it drop off?? :?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Nitya said...

@estetica: Gracias!! You have a nice blog too!! =)
@Monika: Thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice message!! I love your soaps and your blog!!