Made on: 20.06.2011

After many weeks I made soap again. The original plan was to make a green soap with nettle tea but who sticks to original plans anyway?? Definitely not me!! It's not like I didn't try though. I made a strong nettle tea (dried leaves) over the weekend, but when I looked at it later, the tea was more brown than green. Not wanting to take a chance I made the lye solution with distilled water and added a green color towards the end. I still want to make an all natural green soap. It seems spinach makes a green soap, so I will try that out sometime.

For now here is the soap that got made:

Slices of soap

Coconut, palm, olive and canola oils with extra cocoa butter loving...topped with Calendula petals.

My pics getting any better at all??

Scented with Lemon Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Rosemary essential oils. The evergreen Eucalyptus and amazingly fresh Lemongrass....Everfresh!! :P

I like these molds. Perfect guest soaps I think 

And I stamped them too!!


Now a patient 4 week wait!! By the way the nettle tea is still in the fridge...should I go ahead and make some soap with it or is it no good anymore??  And, is anyone else having a problem with blogger? I have not been able to comment on many blogs (the ones where the post comments is embedded in the page itself). Hope it gets fixed soon...


Alegría Mediterráneo Soap said...

Love him !Look so fine !Well done!
Have a perfect week-end!

Nitya said...

Thank you Claudia!! Have a great weekend!! =)

Ann Stoermer said...

That is a very pretty soap! I find that using nettle leaf powder (infused in olive oil or added to the soap for a more exfoliating soap) makes a nice green color. It does fade over time, but if you keep your soaps in a dark place, it lasts for quite a while.

Nitya said...

Thank you for the great tip Ann!! I will definitely try it out. Actually I will go right now and infuse the olive oil with nettle leaf. Thanks again and have a great weekend!! :)

maty said...

me encanta el diseño !!! es encantador .... y tiene una pinta estupenda !!!...

Nitya said...

Gracias Maty! Thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely message!! :)