Going for lavender and wheatgrass soap update

I love soap with natural colors. Granted, I can't get all colors with natural stuff and not to forget how fickle they are to play around with, but still, there is something that I just so totally love about them. This time around the quest was for a lavender colored soap. 

I read so much about alkanet and have been wanting to try it out for a really long time. The nudge to actually look for a supplier and order it, came from the very lovely Claudia from alegriamediterranea soaps. :)
Thank you Claudia, I'm going for lavender this time because of you!!

Outcome when alkanet powder was added directly at trace:

Immediately after pouring soap into the mold. A light cement grey

The soap gelled and darkened

Final outcome. 

Not happy with this lavender color. I remember reading that the color lightens while curing, but I still have to see that happen. Vegetable oils used: Coconut, palm and olive. High percentage of coconut oil. 

I will need to go for that lavender again. Just made another batch. This time the alkanet was infused in castor oil for a week. Fingers crossed! 

A few weeks back I made a soap with my cousin with Tea tree and peppermint EO and used wheatgrass powder to color it green. Here is how it changed over time. 

Taken right after it was cut
Taken right after it was cut

A month later
Slight fading

There has been a slight bit of fading, but I usually see that happen with all natural colors. Jennifer I hope you try out wheatgrass in soap. :)


Sonja said...

Beautiful soap!!!

Alegría Mediterránea said...

Oh dear Nitya I keep my fingers crossed!
Did you see that I tried purple clay and...nothing!
I want to try Elderberry version,yes I tried once but I failed and I think I realized why.
I like your soap in gel phase is so close to a nice purple.
We must try until we succeed,is it?!
So:go girl I do the same!
Much Love darling.

Lisa said...

They look great! Very pretty.

Nitya said...

@Sonja: Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely compliment! I am heading over to your blog right now.

@Claudia: Oh sweet Claudia, thank you for your lovely comment! You are such an inspiration for me. Well I cut the lavender soap I made yesterday, and the color and texture are a lot better. Let's just wait and see. :)

@Lisa: Thank you so much Lisa! I just hopped over and saw your blog. You make such lovely soaps!!

Natalia said...

Thanks for posting your experiment with alkanet, Nitya! I have just posted a soap with alkanet as well :).
I am curious to see your results using alkanet infused in castor oil.
Wish you a lovely we!

Nitya said...

I just saw your post on alkanet. Beautiful purple Natalia!! Just the perfect color!

Bobbins and Balms said...

your purple is lovely, you could try infusing the alkanet in olive oil which is what i do and i have a lovely inky purple coloured soap.

Nitya said...

@Bobbins and Balms: Thank you! The purple is nice, but I am stuck with a whole lot of speckles from the powder). The infused alkanet oil works much better, though I still have to get the correct purple...with the infused oil I got a greyish-purple. Will post pictures. Have a great weekend!!

Jennifer Young said...

Hi Nitya, Thanks for the wheatgrass update!! Can't wait to get some and experiment. Tips on Alkanet.... it really depends what oils you use if you want to get a purple soap. The clearer the colour of the oils, the better purple you get. I infuse mine in Castor oil. If I use my organic extra virgin olive oil, I get gray. If I use mostly sweet almond oil, I get a fabulous purple, but have shelf-life issues... let us know how you get on!! xo Jen

Nitya said...

Thanks for the alkanet tips Jennifer!!I made some more soaps by infusing alkanet in castor oil. The color as well as the texture are a little better, but it still isn't the lavender purple. Will keep the clear oils in mind next time. Have a great Sunday!!

The Soap Sister said...

Hi Nitya, I love natural colors too -so earthy & beautiful.
I've found that pH greatly affects alkanet's results in soap. When I add it at trace it's a deep navy which fades to a navy-purple. I just did a batch tonight where I used a combination of alkanet root & rose clay (approx 1.5 Tbsp of each for a slight 5 lb. batch of soap)
I will try to post pics tomorrow or Friday of the color.
Also, I just LOVE what you did with the wheatgrass! And soaping with a cousin? How fun is that! :) ~Becky

Nitya said...

Thank you Becky!! I put some alkanet root in olive oil to infuse. Need to see how the color works out this time. *fingers crossed*

maty said...

I love your designs ..... are great!

Nitya said...

@Maty: Thank you so much!! :)