Honey, honey!!

It's been three months since I moved back to India and I have loved every bit of it. What a wonderful feeling to be back home!! I love that everything is so familiar. Casual chit-chat with total strangers, vegetable shopping at the farmer's markets, valuable lessons of honesty learnt from a ripe old granny selling vegetables at the market (I will never forget her), hardworking people who come door to door selling wares...anything from oils to steel utensils. :)

So, a few weeks back I opened the door to a person selling honey freshly taken out of the hive. Though I already had an unopened jar of honey I got from the supermarket, that didn't stop me from buying another kilo from the kind person at the door. He had just taken it out a couple of hours back. He filtered it right before my eyes and told me to store the honey at room temperature. I could see the beeswax in the big container and I asked if he could sell it to me. Didn't have much luck there, as it was already sold. But he promised to get me some the next time around. 

Time for a honey soap!! My generous cousin shared some beeswax with me, so it was time to get bubbly.  Made with coconut, palm and olive oils, beeswax and of course wild honey: 

I just love the honey color and lovely honey fragrance

Gelled almost the instant it went in the mold.
Just about avoided a volcano situation.
Thank God for fans!!!

Beehive pattern.
Some of the air bubbles were already popped.
I wonder who did it!! ;)

Beeswax makes some really hard soap.
Added  just about 3%.
Next post will be about how soap can climb out of the mold. LOL!!


miscellanea said...

What a beautiful soap. I think I have to try honeysoap myself.
I've never been to India. But as You describe it, everybody can see that You love it.
Greetings from Germany

Adam and Eve Soap said...

I always find it so attractive on soap the bubble plastic.Have to try that one day. Really nice soap you made there!
XXX Carol

Nitya said...

@Petra: Thank you so much!! I would love to see your honey soap. :)

@Carol: Thank you!! I waited a long time to make this soap and also love the honey comb effect. Next time around I should make sure none of the bubbles are popped. :D

Warm greetings!!

Sonja said...

Beautiful soap!!

The Soap Sister said...

Nitya, that is a lovely soap! I do a goats milk-honey using raw honey from our neighbor's bees -but I have never added beeswax to a soap. Do you feel that it affects the lather at all? I have used natural Jasmine floral wax before, and I wonder if the result would be similar? Love that pic of the soap in the mold -yummy! :) ~Becky

Michelle Somers said...

Your soap looks wonderful. I've used beeswax before but rarely do now as most of my soaps are vegan except for the few that use Honey or Goat's Milk.


Nitya said...

@Sonja: Thank you so much!! Have a great week!

@Becky: Thank you!! I had a hard time trying not to spread the soap on a piece of toast. It had a lovely warm and tempting honey smell.
Regarding the beeswax, I added a small amount (about 3% I guess), because it can inhibit lather. I just washed with it and the lather is quite good. :)

@Michelle: Thank you for your lovely comment!! I would love to use Goat's milk, but it is so hard to get here. Buffalo's milk is much easier to find though. I just love the creamy lather of a milk soap!

Warm greetings!!

Natalia said...

The colour of your soap is so sweet, Nitya! Love the top !
The honey soap with some beeswax is one of my favourite soaps.
Take care!

Nitya said...

Thank you Natalia! Ya the soap tops are so simple to get with the bubble wrap....only next time, I'll see that all the bubbles have air in them. Hehehe!

Cocobong Soaps said...

What a lovely post, Nitya..I can relate to what you say, having spent a little time in both worlds and certainly would prefer the one you live in now. Nothing like a warm exchange among people to make life worthwhile...ALSO, love the look of your soap! It sounds simply delicious and I would stop buy for a bar if I could. All the best to you!

Nitya said...

It is so great to hear from you Julia!! I miss your blog very much, but I'm happy you are having a nice time in the USA. Thank you so much for the good wishes, I wish you lots of happiness!! :)

Stc and Company said...

I'm in love with your work Nitya. The honey soap is divine. Have you showered with it as yet?

Nitya said...

Thank you! I have showered with this bar and it is pretty good. It has some kind of a smell(something like hay, or maybe that is honey) though it is unscented. I really like this one!