Spice up the Myrtle

Myrtle and spice and all things nice!! That's what I kept saying all the while I made this soap. The soap gremlins were not too nice to me though. Just before making this soap, I was thinking of how it had been a while since I had any soap disasters happening in the kitchen. And with the kind blessings of Mr. Murphy, we had a soap volcano.

Lessons learnt during this soaping session:
- Try to keep it cool in the kitchen. Use a fan.
- Clove can not just spice things up, it can heat them too...especially soap. I knew this, but wasn't prepared.

Right after pouring the soap into the mold, I was trying to get things a little organised and I saw it happen right before my eyes. The soap was slowly rising and bubbling. All I could do was go WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!! Like that was going to calm the soap down. Then I ran with the mold (Note to self and others: DON'T DO THAT!! The hot soap could bubble out and fall on you) to the dining table, under the fan and tried to stir and release the heat. That wasn't working, so I WHOAED my way to the kitchen, grabbed a big pot and WHOAED all the way back to the table just in time to get the soap into the pot, before it bubbled onto the table. After a few moments of stirring and singing a 'Please don't separate and ruin the mold' song, the baby calmed down. I carefully tucked it into a blanket to catch any leaks just in case it decides to wake up and get angry again and tucked myself in for the night too. Thankfully nothing happened. I guess, I am one good singer!! ;)

Rustic looking Myrtle soap

Scented with Myrtle and Cypress essential oils

This was my first soap volcano, but not the last. Will share about another adventure soon!!


Jenny said...

Wow, sounds like quite an adventure in the soap kitchen! I'm glad that you were able to save the batch. The soap looks great, and I'll bet it smells fantastic, too!

Nitya said...

@Jenny: An adventure it sure was. Thank you for your lovely comment! I wish you a nice relaxing Sunday!

Becca said...

Ooooh, pretty soaps! I can totally relate to your story, have one of my own with the soap heating up super quick!! Glad everything turned out well. I bet they smell fantastic! Enjoy!

Natalia said...

Nitya,it's a pleasure reading you, even through those adventures :). I wish I could hear you sing:)
But the soap looks realy nice and I really like your pictures more and more!
Wish you a lovely week!

Nitya said...

@Becca: Thank you for your lovely comment! All these adventures make soap-making so much fun. Very few of my soaps turn out like how I plan. :)

@Natalia: You would definitely not want to hear me sing LOL!! Thank you for the compliments! I wish you a great week ahead too!!

Anne-Marie said...

What an adventure! But, you were able to turn a soap volcano into something that is absolutely gorgeous. I'm totally digging the rustic-chic look. =)

Nitya said...

Thank you Anne-Marie!! Well it seems to be disaster season for me in the soap kitchen. I have a some more batches with unexpected results. LOL!