Soooo purple!!

I'm back with the very last purple trial. After this soap batch, I decided to call myself a pro, coz I now know how to exactly work with alkanet. How much root, how much powder, what oils to infuse in, for how long, how much infused oil to use to always get a consistent purple that is just right for a lavender soap. Did you fall for all that?? I lied!! :P

After making the easy batch by adding alkanet powder directly to soap, I realized it was too scratchy to shower with. The next time around I infused alkanet powder in olive oil and used that in soap. I got too light a purple and after curing it faded some more and turned somewhat grey. Actually I can't describe the color. In some angles it appears grey and in some angles it appears purplish. Or it is just my mind playing games with my eyes.

So for this batch I infused the alkanet root in olive oil and used 10% of that oil along with the base oils.

Quite a dark purple there. Next time a little less
infused oil. 

I almost forgot to mention, there was a soap volcano again. I might just become a volcano soap specialist one of these days. For now I will stop the lavender soaps, as I still have to try out some pinks.

Ta ta!!


Jenny said...

What a beautiful purple color! I haven't played with alkanet root, but it is nice to know that infusing the olive oil is the way to go. Thanks for the tips!

miscellanea said...

What a gorgeous purple! So beautiful. I'd like to try alkanet too.

Natalia said...

Wow, Nitya, fabulous this purple! I am glad you managed to get such a beautiful natural colour!

Anne-Marie said...

I've totally done the dark purple with Alkanet Root before. It can be so much fun infusing natural colorants into your soap. You get so many varied colors and hues. :)

Michelle Somers said...

I love the shade of purple you got. It's lovely. Yes, I've had the grey happen as well. Will have to try this lovely colour again in the future.

The Soap Sister said...

Beautiful! I've never tried the infusion -you've convinced me with this lovely purple, though! Thanks for sharing! :)

Alegría Mediterránea said...

YES,YES,YES, you got it !
Is such a beautiful purple.
It's so exciting to get a natural color,what do you think?
Much Love dear Nitya.

Nitya said...

@Jenny: Thank you so much!! I love working with natural colors. They are so unpredictable, but the end result is pretty. :)

@Petra: Vielen Dank!! Ich mag sehr gern, mit naturellen Farben zu arbeiten. Und dieses mal habe ich Glück gehabt!!

@Natalia: Oh Natalia, thank you so much!! I loved the color you got with Alkanet too. Yours was a very beautiful light color that goes perfectly well with a Lavender soap. Next time I will try a slightly smaller amount of the infused oil. Hopefully that should work.

@Anne-Marie: I too love natural colorants. There is always a surprise element and one can never guess the final color till it is out of the mould. I learn so much from your posts and it is fun to see little Jamisen grow up. :)

@Michelle Somers: Thank you! I would love to see the results you get with alkanet. About the grey....I still look at the soap everyday, wondering if it is grey or purple. LOL!!

@The Soap Sister: I liked the second infusion very much. It was very easy too...just throw in some roots and top it with some warm olive oil and done. For the first one I had to grind the roots to a powder in the processor and boy it was not fun. Had a fine purple dust flying out of the processor on opening it and the processor got a purple stain. Good luck with the infusion!!

@Claudia: Thank you so much dear!! I can feel your excitement through your words. I love the successful end result of working with natural colors. There is a huge feeling of achievement.:)
Love your posts and pictures on natural colors!!
Mucho amor para ti!! I hope I got that right...used google translate. :)

Have a great week everyone!!

Cee Gee said...

What a beautiful natural purple! It's interesting that you would need to use less infused oil to get that gorgeous color...just lovely!

Nitya said...

@Cee Gee: Thank you so much for your lovely comment! This color I got with 10% infused oils. For a lighter purple, I plan to try out something around 7-8%. Have a happy Sunday!

mira rao said...

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