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Made on: 23.03.2011

Still riding high on the beginner's luck wave and having just received my essential oils and Shea butter supply, I got brave and picked up some fresh goat milk from a bio-store. Everyone is raving about the goodness of goat milk, so why should my skin be deprived of the loving goat-y pampering?

On your marks, get set, GOAT!! All hard oils were melted and liquid oils were added to bring down the temperature. I used Shea butter, olive, coconut, palm and corn oils.The lye was added bit by bit to the mostly frozen goat milk. I thought all was going well, but then saw the lye and milk solution was turning yellow. How do I get a white soap with yellow lye solution?? Panic!! So the beginner's luck wave had crashed!! I kept stirring the solution to make sure all the lye was dissolved. What do I see??? The solution is not so liquid-y any more. It was turning into a darker yellow colored pudding kinda thing. More panic followed by frantic pacing... 

Do I give up and try again some other time or do I just go ahead and see what happens?? I could be the inventor of some great new thing....That's the spirit!!! I went ahead with the experiment. I also tried doing the cocoa line which I first saw on Cocobong's site. The soap was scented with Orange, Lemon grass and Rosemary essential oils. I still didn't have a proper mold, so I used juice cartons that were fashioned by me to take the place of a log mold. 

After some time I noticed some oil had leaked out. :( Then reading on the net I found that some citrus EO's could do that, but usually the oil gets absorbed. I decided to wait and see. The next was soap!! No more extra oil :D I had read a lot about the goodness of goat milk, but didn't read that goat milk when combined with lye becomes creamy and yellow. I knew all along that one goat doesn't make another goat cry (me is a Capricorn). ;)

Just out of the mold

Goat milk soap with cocoa line and with cocoa

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