Sindelfinger Handwerkermarkt

This is where I was on Saturday. The handicrafts market in Sindelfingen. Lots of stalls with beautiful handmade creations.....baskets, little dolls, textiles, jewelery, ceramics, wooden artifacts, and SOAPS too.

The basket stall
Illusions in wood

The first soap stall I visited

My treasures

Green soap: Lemon Verbena
Tan colored soap: Juniper
Yellow soap: Citrus
Another soap stall

Very prettily packed soaps 

A small treat for me

Lavender soap

Little doll factory

At work

Bell casting

Pouring in the molten metal

I am not terrific at photography, but most of the pictures were taken from far or from weird angles, as I didn't want to disturb the artists. I had a great time watching the geniuses at work.  

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