Creamy Castile Mithai

Made on: 17.03.2011

I wanted to make a pure olive oil castile soap, but was dilly-dallying coz I love a good smelling soap. Another thing was that olive oil soaps don't lather much (but it gets better after a long cure process). Hmmm! It was too big a decision to make so I held back for a few days. Then I thought and re-thought and finally decided to make a small batch. Depending on how I felt at the moment, I would leave it pure or add fragrance or color or both or something more. 

I got all the ingredients together and kept the EO's and also some olive oil infused with turmeric right next to me....just in case. The mold was also ready. I opened the fridge to take a swig of apple juice and found a bottle of cream staring at me. So, I picked it up.

Did I make a pure castile soap you ask? NOPE! I whipped it up with whipping cream, rosemary, palmarosa and lemon grass EO's and a colored (turmeric) top layer.

The mold was a gift from my dear hubby <3, who thought of me when he saw a sweet box brought to office by a colleague from India. They all ate the sweets....I got the empty box. :)

The soaps are still curing, but the color of the top layer has faded completely. About 3 weeks into curing, I tried one and observed it did lather. Not a lot, but quite enough to be called soap. Me is happy!!

Turmeric top layer pattern made with a whisk

Out of the mold and ready to be cut 

Cut up


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Nitya said...

Thank you Herry!